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Once you go Healthy Girl you never go back!

I have loved EVERY minute of creating my all-encompassing Team Healthy Girl Nutrition Guides for you and I TRULY hope that my philosophies, tools and delicious recipes within these pages are going to positively impact your life and relationship with food just as much as they have done for me.

It is my absolute passion to help women create and sustain a healthy, happy and most importantly balanced lifestyle. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my girls SHINE brighter than ever before!

In creating these guide, I am on a mission to:

  1. Get you feeling good from the inside out!
  2. Simplify food and nutrition for you.
  3. Permanently change your attitude and thinking towards food, in the most positive way possible!
  4. Help you create a lifestyle and way of eating that you enjoy and totally love!


  • The Healthy Girl Way Nutrition Lifestyle Guide: Think of this as a mini health coaching session with me where I share my top nutrition advice with you.
  • Healthy Girl Signature Vegan Eating Plan: If you don’t know where to start, I always recommend that you follow a trusted eating plan to get you into the swing of things and confident in the kitchen. All mela plans are dietitian and Healthy Girl approved
  • Team Healthy Girl Macro Calculator & Meal Builder: Possibly one of the most life changing HG tools ever created! When you are ready to take your nutrition into your own hands, you can start to calculator your OWN macros tailored to your body and create your very own eating plan accordingly! Also dietitian and Healthy Girl approved – created especially for YOU based of your popular feedback J

You have EVERY that you need for every point of your nutrition journey – I got you covered, Beautiful!

Healthy does NOT have to mean boring, restrictive and complicated!

Let me show you, I’m here for you every step of the way.

Time to shine!

With love from me to you, Andene Xx

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