Team Healthy Girl Summer Menu Guide 2020


SUMMER TIIIIIIIIME and the liiiiving is eaaaaaasy! 

Good times, tan lines, poolside chilling, relaxing, filling your cup up, having some fun, celebrating, shaking up your usual daily routine, spending time with loved ones and losing track of what day it is… this is what is what summer and the festive season is all about!

Keep in mind that this time of year doesn’t have to be about blowing it, depriving yourself, guilt tripping yourself, being perfect AND LET’S BE HONEST GURL, it really doesn’t have to be about sticking to your everyday routine and lifestyle habits 100% either.

I really want you to sit back, relax and have the break that you need (especially after this crazy year) PLUS I also want to make sure that you have a bunch of nourishing, fun, flexible and delicious meal ideas on hand too!

My mission in creating this summer menu is just to inspire you and give you some awesome meal and healthy treat options which you can effortlessly pick and choose between. All of these recipes are not only healthy and dietitian approved but totally yummy and something you and your whole family can enjoy!

I LOVE bringing you delicious new recipes and hope that you will adore these just as much as all your other fav THG recipes.

Biggest hug and SO much love,

Andene Xx




  • 21 delicious health coach and dietitian approved recipes
  • Separate Recipe Booklet
  • Printable Weekly Meal Planner


  • Meat Eater
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan

Healthy does NOT have to mean boring, restrictive and complicated!

Let me show you The Healthy Girl Way, Beautiful <3

Biggest hug and so much love,

Andene Xx

With love from me to you, Andene Xx