Team Healthy Girl Signature Eating Plan 2.0

Hey, Beautiful!

OOOOH MAN, I am SOOOOOO excited to share this with you

In the past, I really struggled with my relationship with food. I was so caught up in that awful toxic diet culture and I often wondered if I would ever be able to have the kind of relationship with food that I dreamed of. After years of flexing my self-love muscle, realizing that perfect does not exist and understanding that health and happiness is truly an inside job, I now get to live my DREAM relationship with food every day!

Gone are the days of restriction, deprivation, guilt and bingeing. I eat with balance, happiness, love and enjoyment each and every day. It is because of my struggles with food that I have become so passionate about helping women overcome similar issues too.

Over the years, I developed my very own little toolbox of tips and tricks that helped me along the way and now I get to share this with all of you. Not only has The Healthy Girl Way helped me to heal my relationship with myself and my food but it has also helped hundreds of women across the globe too. It makes me SO happy to see my girls SHINE brighter than ever before – rocking their healthy, happy and balanced lifestyles!

After the success of The Healthy Girl Signature Eating Plan 1.0, it was an absolute must to create the next chapter! I have loved every minute of putting this together for you and I truly hope that you will love it every bit as much I do too.

In creating this guide, I am on a mission to:

  1. Get you feeling good from the inside out!
  2. Simplify food and nutrition for you.
  3. Permanently change your mindset towards food, in the most positive way possible!
  4. Help you create a lifestyle and way of eating that you enjoy and totally love!


  • • 7-Day Meal Plan
  • • Guide On How to Make the Eating Plan Work For You
  • • 24 DELICIOUS NEW THG Recipes
  • • Make it Vegetarian Guide
  • • Build Your Own Feature
  • • Comprehensive Food Swap Tables
  • • Separate Recipe Booklet
  • • Printable Weekly Meal Planner
  • • All approved by myself and Registered Dietitian, Kim Martin
  • • Two Dietary Options Available (select below):
      •      1. Meat Eater / Vegetarian
      •      2. Vegan / Vegetarian


Healthy does NOT have to mean boring, restrictive and complicated!

Let me show you The Healthy Girl Way, Beautiful <3

With love from me to you, Andene Xx