Eat More Plants
Eat More Plants

Eat More Plants

Eat More Plants I am often asked about my personal dietary preference as well as what my opinion is on various other dietary preferences and here are my thoughts especially for…

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A Healthy Girl Essential

A HEALTHY GIRL KITCHEN ESSENTIAL Hello Beauties!I am SO excited to share one of my favorite recipe books EVER! Meet… Brookdale’s Heavenly & Healthy Flavours !!! I am dubbing this…

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Let’s Get Fruity

LETS GET FRUITY WHOA! Where is this year going ?! It’s June… ALREADY?!Lets talk a little bit about fruit and why you should be eating it everyday. Yes! EVERYDAY girls!…

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Healthy Girl eating tips

HEALTHY GIRL EATING TIPS Hello Sweethearts!Lately I have had many Healthy Girl followers emailing me and asking for eating advice… ASK and you shall receive! Here are my top tips…

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