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Hey, Beautiful!

I have been BURSTING to share this with you! An IMMENSE amount of work has gone into creating this incredible (even if I do say so myself) tool and I hope with all my heart that you are going to LOOOOOOVE it!

It’s time for YOU to take control and plan your meals according to your goals, lifestyle and body.

Based off of YOUR feedback, this Team Healthy Girl DIY Macro Calculator & Meal Builder was an absolute MUST to create for all my GURLS! You ask, I listen and create accordingly – never forget it J

The process of understanding and calculating your own personal daily calorie and macros (carbohydrate, protein and fat ratio) can be very overwhelming.

As your coach and mentor, I am ALWAYS on a mission to make things simple for you so that you can easily achieve your goals. Instead of bombarding and boring you with all the technical details, together with a Registered Dietitian, we have created this AMAZING tool especially for YOU!

ALL the complicated work has been done for you. Simply go through each page/tab one by one and follow the step by step boxes. By doing this you will not only be able to build your dream menu BUT you will be able to achieve your goals at the same time!

If you are interested in understanding as well as calculating your personal daily calories and macros then I HIGHLY recommend that you purchase this life changing tool and resource!

IMPORTANT: This document is NOT mobile friendly. PLEASE make sure that you use this resource on a desktop or laptop on EXCEL (check that you have the latest version of excel installed.)

Are you READY for it?!

TIME TO SHINE, Beautiful!

I cannot WAIT to hear what you think

With love from me to you, Andene Xx


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